DiViPro is the solution for your audiovisual needs.

If you organize an event (corporate or pleasure) quality and client satisfaction is always our first and most important goal.
We never hesitate to fulfill your extra request and we go to the bottom to give you what you want and, even better, what you need.
DiViPro provides you with the most recent technology from computer to camera to mixing to projection and all the little steps in between.
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Our Equipment


Analog Way Pulse
Atem 2/ME Broadcast Production Switcher
Black Magic Microhub 16*16 HDSDI


Black Magic HDSDI Duo Monitor
Samsung 42″
9 * Samsung UE55C displays, configurable in any kind of video wall you like!


HDSDI-HDMI convertor Black Magic Design
HDMI-SDI convertor Black Magic Design


Performant Windows Computers
Performant Mac
Recordings in Apple Prores 422 LT
Live Video Streaming


GoPro 3 White Edition

2 *JVC GY HD 110

1* JVC GY HD 200